THEC Hydrolysis

Commercial Electrolysis

The Hydrogen Energy Company is a leading force in the development and commercialization of hydrogen production, storage, and energy from hydrogen technology. with the aim to develop reliable and sustainable clean energy for the future

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Energy from Hydrogen

A key and the first objective of The Hydrogen Energy Company is to be able to prove that clean energy can be a reliable and sustainable energy source. To achieve this objective we work closely with leaders in their respective fields

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The Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen as a fuel source is not just limited to the production of electricity. Our aim is to further develop the technology to make hydrogen the primary source of energy and to provide the means to move from a carbon economy to a clean hydrogen economy.

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Clean Energy for the Future

THEC (The Hydrogen Energy Company) is a new startup company that aims to bridge the reliable and sustainable energy supply gap which currently exists.

Not being able to provide our energy networks with uninterrupted power is the last significant obstacle to overcome to make renewable the first choice for future electricity supplies

Significant leaps forward have been made in battery technology, harvesting sea energy, hydro “battery” systems, etc. Despite these advances, all of these technologies have not yet reached the point where they can be used as a universal option to smooth out renewable energy supplies.

Here at THEC we believe that the answer lies in storing the energy in hydrogen. Hydrogen can easily be produced from water using electrolysis, can be stored, and then can be used to generate electricity when little or no power is being produced when renewable energy sources go down.

THEC’s vision goes beyond the smoothing out the renewable energy supply chain. We also believe that once large scale hydrogen storage has been established the doors to roll out hydrogen technology into other sectors will become feasible: Hibrid-hydrogen-powered vehicles and steel production using hydrogen are just two future technologies that could lead us into a true clean and sustainable future.

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Next Steps…

We are serious about bridging the gap between renewable energy and fossil fuels and need all the help we can get.

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