THEC (The Hydrogen Energy Company) was established 16 October 2019 with the objective to bridge the gap between renewable energy and the traditional coal-fired power generation.

The main objective is to bring together already developed technology into a single package which will allow renewable energy to be generated, excess energy to be stored, and then to release the stored energy into the energy network when renewable energy cannot be generated.

The concept of storing excess energy is not new and to date, billions of dollars have been spent on the development of battery technology, hydro water storage systems, and numerous other technologies.

Pumping water up in reservoirs when excess energy is produced and releasing the water through hydroelectric generators have been successfully used in a number of places but is very reliant on the topogra[hy and is therefore limited in where this method can be used.

Battery technology made significant leaps forward and established itself as proven technology in our everyday uses. Batteries work well and is found to be a feasible technology in smaller applications but have not yet reached the stage where it can be feasibly used in large electrical networks other than acting as a large UPS for a short period of time.

We strongly believe that the future lies in hydrogen technology. In principle, hydrogen atoms are split from the oxygen atoms by passing an electrical current through water. The hydrogen is stored and when needed is converted back to water using, for example, fuel-cell technology. Recombining the hydrogen with water gives off an electrical current that can be used to drive our electrical networks or appliances.

Generating electricity from hydrogen is not new and has proved itself in numerous applications. The beauty of using hydrogen is that its storage capacity depends on how much storage units you have and it is not dependent on factors such as topography. It is thus possible to size a production unit, the hydrogen storage farm, and the power generation unit to align with a renewable energy source such as solar or wind technology to produce a constant and reliable system

In principle using hydrogen technology in combination with a renewable energy source sounds like the perfect solution. The reality is that like every technology during the development phase the package comes with its challenges, This is where THEC comes to the front. We believe that all the technology we need exists but it just needs a little help to be able to get it over the line.

Our first objective is to take the remaining challenges with a true “can do” attitude to make it work and then to design and construct an economically viable demonstration plant to prove that it can be done.

Following this, we aim to partner with renewable energy developing companies to further roll-out hydrogen technologies. In our future, we see developments such as hydrogen powered hybrid vehicles, or steel production using hydrogen technology, naming but just a few of the opportunities.

To make all of this happen we just need to give the technology a little helping hand. We will provide the expertise, all we need is your support.

To support our vision and to ensure that we and our future generations can enjoy a clean environment we have started a Go Fund Me page. Contributions can be made using the following link (click here)