Earth the Heavy Smoker

smoking earth

It is also times like this that give me the time to reflect on the important really important things like spending time with family, or just to be able to take a relaxing walk down the beach. It also makes you think about the changes which happen around us all of the time.

I must say I am really fortunate to be able to set up my office on my patio, being surrounded by tropical plants and to be drawn in by the tranquil sounds of the birdlife in the trees which is surrounding my house. Yea, I am spoiled.

Now, I am by no means a green fanatic, even maybe a climate change skeptic, but I cannot help to notice that over the last couple of years we have been bombarded by reports of record-breaking temperatures in NSW or news of the strongest ever storm to hit Japan.

When hearing these reports the sceptic kicks in and I would easily dismiss it as, “it may be true but we have only been recording the temperature for a fraction of the existence of earth” or “have anybody correlated the temperature rise with the energy output of the sun”, and if we are honest with ourselves we do know that the earth had been warmer in the past. So why should we care?

I do not know how much of what we hear about global warming is true or not.  The one thing I do know is that we as humankind do have an impact on our surroundings, and our surroundings have an impact on us. My daughter said it well the other day, “Earth is a heavy smoker”.  From this, my logical deduction kicked in, if the earth is a heavy smoker then we must be passive smokers. I also concluded from that comment that like heavy smokers there is a very high likelihood that earth may be suffering from smoking-related illnesses.  

I may be a bit of a climate change skeptic but I am also somewhat of a “greeny” at hard, not driven by topics such as climate change but rather by the fact that we should do the right thing, and not polluting the earth definitely falls into that category.

My interest in the utilisation of hydrogen energy in conjunction with renewable energy was born out of my view to do the right thing. I realised that having renewable energy in its current form just won’t cut it. It just isn’t a reliable energy source.

I also realised that battery technology has got its place in the world, but it just isn’t the answer to the large-scale energy storage which is required to make renewable energy a reliable and sustainable energy source. The cost to install a battery plant to store the amount of energy needed is enormous, and then we also haven’t even started to talk about the lithium shortage.

Hydrogen, on the other hand, is abundant, is able to store huge amounts of energy, it really isn’t that hard to produce, and the technology to recover it back into usable energy is fairly well advanced. The best part of all is that the only by-product is water. It just seems to be the perfect answer. It can be used to produce electricity, fuel our cars, and with a bit ingenuity hydrogen should be able to fuel the metal production industry as well.

I am excited about the future of hydrogen. It really has the potential to stop the earth of being this heavy smoker and for all of us to live in a healthy environment.

THEC is a new startup business with a clear vision to improve the future for us and our kids. We have the answers, all we need is some support to get our clean projects of the ground.

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