Funding currently is our largest obstacle to achieve our goal of proving that clean renewable energy can be a reliable and sustainable energy source. THEC opened its doors on 23 October 2019 and is still going through the initial growing and team-building phase.

We are thus heavily dependent on the generosity of clean energy supporters, government grants and angles investors to finance our programs until such a stage that we would be self-sustainable in generating the funds needed for future programs. Currently, we envisage that that goal will be achieved when we have constructed a planned demonstration plant which generated an income from the electricity network.

Funding Programmes

Current active funding programs:

  • GoFundMe
  • Indiegogo (busy setting up campaign)

Government Grants

The Australian government has made grants available for the development of hydrogen production programs. We are currently applying to be a recipient of these grants and hopes to make a positive announce soon.

Angle Investors

To date, we have identified a number of Angel Investors who may be interested in investing in the further development of hydrogen production and storage programs. We envisage that funding from this source is still a while away and will only become available when we have gone through the initial stages of setting up the company and when we have a clearly defined project/business plan in place. Defining the business/project plan currently is in the concept stages and is a major focus for us to identify our long term funding needs and projected future income.

Clean Energy Supporters

Currently, clean energy supporters are our larges and most generous supporters to meet our funding needs. Most of the fund to date came in the form of direct donations for which were sincerely grateful.

The reality though is that funding coming from our current supporter will not be enough to fund the engineering team needed to develop the proposed demonstration plant and we have set up up a GoFund Me campaign to supplement the supporter stream. Contribution can be made to the fund by clicking here.