Renewable Energy – The Rise of Hydrogen

There is no doubt that there is a shift in how we think about where our power comes from.

Renewable energy is in and fossil fuels are out

THEC - Renewable Energy
Renewable Solar and Wind Farms

The great shift moving away from fossil fuels to cleaner renewable is largely driven by the debate on climate change.

As more and more people support the renewable energy drive our energy suppliers are forced to listen and to act.

With some of the energy suppliers coming onboard significant amounts of money were made available by the suppliers and entrepreneurial companies to further advance new clean energy technologies.

This has caused the price for new renewable power generation to reduce to a point where it has become price competitive to that of fossil fuel generation and in some cases actually outperformed that of fossil fuels.

Despite this renewable energy still, have a major drawback as by its nature the power generated is intermitted as solar cannot generate power by night and wind turbines cannot produce power when the wind doesn’t blow.

Until the intermittent power generation problem has been solved is it unlikely that renewable power generation will be the first choice when a new power plant is to be built.

Significant amounts of research have gone into solving the intermitted energy production problem with battery technology being the main beneficiary. As could be expected significant advances had been made towards achieving this goal.

But sadly, as the technology developed it became more and more apparent that batteries will have its niche powering small devices all the way up to power your house, but it is very unlikely that battery technology will be up to the task of stabilising power supply to a large electrical network.

To fill this gap exciting new technologies have been developed which will be able to ensure sufficient energy can be stored and be released on demand to stabilise a large electricity network.

THEC - Siemens Electrolyzers
Siemen Electrolyzers

Hydrogen is the new star on the block and currently is the only solution that can be universally used to perform this function.

To date, the cost to build an electrolyzer/fuel-cell plant has been prohibitive but as with all new technologies as more and more research is done in the field the cost of such an installation is becoming competitive to that of a new coal-fired power station.

FuelCell Energy SureSource Fuel Cell Power Plant
SureSource Fuel Cell Power Plant

THEC is aiming to take advantage of the new developments in this field and is aiming to construct a demonstration plant to prove that this using hydrogen as an energy storage medium is a viable option.

This is an exciting project for us, and we hope to be able to achieve our goal by the end of 2020.

We are currently raising funds for the project and is hoping to secure the funds in the near future.

As part of our fundraising program, we have launched crowed funding programs that are open for donations. We are committed to providing our future generations with a better world and we hope that through your support we can achieve that goal.

$10 donations to this cause may be a small number for you but together it will be a significant contribution to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to replace it with 100% clean energy.

Please sponsor our cause generously.

Funding contributions can be made by selecting any of the links below::

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