The Remarkable Evolution of the Wind Industry

The energy from wind is a relatively new industry but had made significant advances into the energy supply mix.

In 1982 the first three-blade wind turbines (22kW) was installed and the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) was formed. The EWEA has since changed its name and is now known as WindEurope.

In 1991 the first offshore wind farm(Vindeby) was installed in Denmark.

In 2001 the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) was formed. Also in 2001, the average wind turbine rating exceeded 1MW.

In 2005 the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) was formed.

In 2008 the global wind energy capacity reached 100 GW.

In 2014 there was more than 1 million jobs in the wind energy sector.

By 2016 wind power provided 4% of the global electricity.

By 2017 the wind industry really took off and the first offshore floating wind farm (Hywind) was installed in Scotland. Also in 2017 Germany had its first non-subsidised offshore wind auction.

In 2018 the installed wind turbine capacity reached 564 GW, the average global onshore wind auction price for projects assigned in 2008 and to be commissioned in 2020 reached 46 USD/MWh, and 1.2 million jobs existed in the wind energy sector.

In 2019 the first commercially available wind turbine with 10MW was available for installation.

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